Aims and scope

ESAIM: COCV strives to publish rapidly and efficiently papers and surveys in the areas of Control, Optimization and Calculus of Variations.

Articles may be theoretical, computational, or both, and they will cover contemporary subjects with impact in forefront technology, biosciences, materials science, computer vision, continuum physics, decision sciences and other allied disciplines.

Targeted topics include:

  • in control theory: modeling, optimal control, controllability, stabilization, control law design, hybrid control, robustness analysis, numerical and computational methods for control among others, for stochastic or deterministic, continuous or discrete control systems;
  • in optimization theory: mathematical programming, large scale systems, stochastic optimization, combinatorial optimization, interior point methods, duality methods, numerical methods: convergence and complexity, global optimization, optimization and dynamical systems;
  • in the calculus of variations: variational methods for differential equations and Hamiltonian systems, variational inequalities; semicontinuity and convergence, existence and regularity of minimizers and critical points of functionals, relaxation; geometric problems and the use and development of geometric measure theory tools; problems involving randomness; viscosity solutions; numerical methods; multiscale and singular perturbation problems.