Editorial board


TRÉLAT Emmanuel, Sorbonne University, France
Optimal control, Geometric control, Control of PDE's, Numerical methods for control (finite and infinite dimension), Stabilization

Corresponding Editors

GARRONI Adriana, Università di Roma La Sapienza (Italy).
Calculus of Variations, Homogenization, Multiscale analysis, Materials science, Elasticity, Damage and Plasticity, Variational evolutions

PICCOLI Benedetto, Rutgers-Camden University (USA).
Optimal control, Hybrid systems, Control of hyperbolic equations, Systems biology, Network flows, Social dynamics

TEBOULLE Marc, Tel-Aviv University (Israel).
Nonlinear optimisation, Theory and algorithms, Convexity and duality, Semidefinite/conic optimisation, Variational inequalities

TUCSNAK Marius, Université de Bordeaux (France).
Partial Differential Equations, Infinite Dimensional Control and Observation Systems, Control of Underwater Systems

ZHANG Xu, Sichuan University (China).
PDE control, Stochastic control

Associate Editors

ALABAU-BOUSSOUIRA Fatiha, Université de Lorraine (France).
Control of PDE's, Stabilization of Differential Equations, Evolution Equations, Hyperbolic Equations, Observability of PDE's

ALLAIRE Grégoire, École Polytechnique (France).
Homogenization, Shape optimisation

ARONNA Maria-Soledad, Escola de Matematica Aplicada (Brésil).
Optimal control of ordinary differential equations, optimal control of partial differential equations

BARILARI Davide, Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy).
Geometric Control

BAUDOUIN Lucie , Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes-CNRS, Toulouse (France).
Control, observability and feedback stabilization of partial differential equations, distributed parameter systems, Lyapunov method.

BEAUCHARD Karine, ENS Rennes (France).
Schrodinger equation, Bilinear control systems, Quantum control, Feedback stabilization, Degenerate parabolic operators/hypoelliptic operators

BUTTAZZO Giuseppe, Università di Pisa (Italy).
Partial differential equations, Calculus of variations, Mass transportation, Shape Optimisation, Optimal design

CAPUZZO-DOLCETTA Italo, Università di Roma (Italy).
Hamilton-jacobi equations: qualitative properties and approximation, Dynamic programming methods in optimal control

CASAS-RENTERIA Eduardo, Universidad de Cantabria (Espagne).
Optimal Control of PDE, First and second order optimality conditions, Numerical analysis for control problems, Error estimates for optimal control problems, Sparse controls

CHATTERJEE Debasish, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India)
Constrained control, optimal control, approximation theory

CHITOUR Yacine, Université Paris-Sud (France).
Planning algorithms, Controllability of non linear systems, Stabilization of nonlinear systems, Deterministic optimal control, Sub-Riemannian geometry

CIARLET Philippe G., City University of Hong Kong (China).
Differential Geometry, Calculus of variations, Mathematical Elasticity, Theory of Plates and Shells, Numerical Analysis

CORON Jean-Michel, Sorbonne University (France).
Control of partial differential equations, Control of nonlinear systems

DAL MASO Gianni, SISSA, Mathematics Area (Italy).
Partial differential equations, Calculus of variations, Fracture mechanics

DE PHILIPPIS Guido, SISSA, Mathematics Area (Italy).
Calculus of variations, geometric measure theory, partial differential equations

DE TERESA Luz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico).
Control of partial differential Equations

DENTCHEVA Darinka, Stevens Institute of Technology (USA).
Stochastic optimisation (stochastic programming), Mathematical models of risk, Stability of optimisation problems, Numerical methods of optimisation, Stochastic orders

ERVEDOZA Sylvain Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux UMR 5251
Université de Bordeaux and CNRS
Control of Partial Differential Equations, Discretization of Control Systems, Parabolic Equations.

FONSECA Irene, Mellon College of Science University (USA).
Calculus of Variations, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

HINTERMÜLLER Michael, Humboldt Universität, Berlin (Germany).
PDE-constrained optimization, optimal control of PDEs, differential games, non-smooth optimization and variational problems, (quasi-) variational inequality problems, numerical methods and algorithms

HU Ying , Université Rennes 1 (France)
Stochastic Control, Backward Stochastic Differential Equations, Mathematical Finance, Probabilistic Methods for Partial Differential Equations.

KINDERLEHRER David, Carnegie Mellon University (USA).
Variational evolution problem, Nonconvex calculus of variations, Applications to materials science, Applications to biology

LE BRIS Claude, École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (France).
Partial differential equations, Calculus of variations, Quantum control, Numerics, Modelling

LEWICKA Marta, University of Pittsburgh (USA).
Nonlinear elasticity and morphogenesis, non-convex calculus of variations, hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, game theoretical methods in pdes, convex integration

LI Ta-Tsien, Fudan University (China).
Controllability of hyperbolic systems, Observability of hyperbolic systems, Synchronization of hyperbolic systems, Cotrollability and observability of hyperbolic systems on network, Quasilinear hyperbolic systems, Nonlinear wave equations

LU Qi, Sichuan University (China).
Stochastic control, distributed parameter systems, controllability, observability, stabilization

LUKE D. Russell, University of Göttingen (Germany).
Variational analysis, nonconvex optimisation, fixed point theory, proximal algorithms, image and signal processing

MA Jin, University of Southern California (USA).
Stochastic Analysis, Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic Control theory, Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Insurance

MÜLLER Stefan, University of Bonn (Germany).
Microstructure, Phase transitions, Nonconvex calculus of variations, Nonlinear elasticity, Micromagnetics

PENA Javier, Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh (USA).
Convex optimisation, semidefinite programming, first-order methods, polynomial optimisation, conic programming

PIERRE Michel, ENS Rennes (France).
Free boundary problems, Nonlinear PDE

QUINCAMPOIX Marc, Université de Bretagne Occidentale (France).
Control Theory of Ordinary differential Equations, Differential Games, Differential Inclusions, Singular Perturbations in ODE, Viability Theory

SABACH Shoham, Israel Institute of Technology (Israel).
Continuous optimisation, convergence and complexity analysis, numerical algorithms, applications in engineering

SAVARE Giuseppe, Università Bocconi, Milano (Italy)
Variational evolution problems, Optimal transport, Metric analysis, Partial differential equations

SIGALOTTI Mario, Sorbonne University (France).
Control of nonlinear systems, quantum control, geometric optimal control, stability of switched systems

TARANTELLO Gabriella, University Tor Vergata (Italy).
Geometric Analysis, elliptic PDEs, variational methods, gauge fields vortices

TERRACINI Susanna, Università di Torino (Italy)
Reaction Diffusion Systems, Optimal Partitions, Elliptic PDE's, Hamiltonian Systems, Celestial Mechanics

THEIL Florian, University of Warwick (UK)
Nonlinear analysis, calculus of variations, discrete systems

TOUZI Nizar, Ecole Polytechnique (France)
Stochastic optimal control and differential games, probabilistic numerical methods, applications to economics and finance

ULBRICH Stefan, Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany).
PDE-constrained optimisation, nonlinear optimisation, Shape optimisation, Numerical optimisation methods, Multilevel optimisation techniques

VANDENBERGHE Lieven, University of California (USA).
Convex optimisation, semidefinite programming, complementarity problems

VIALARD François-Xavier , Universite Paris-Est (France)
Computational optimal transport, diffeomorphic flows, infinite-dimensional Riemannian manifolds and shape spaces.

WANG Gengsheng, Tianjin University (China).
Optimal control, Stabilization, Shape optimisation, Controllability

WEISS George, Tel Aviv University (Israel).
Distributed parameter systems, Passive and conservative systems, Robust and optimal control, Repetitive control, Discretization of control systems, ...

WU Zhen Shandong University (China)
Stochastic optimal control and differential games, Mathematics finance, Backward stochastic differential equation

YIN George, Wayne State University (USA)
Stochastic systems theory, numerical methods for stochastic control, stochastic approximation

YONG Jiongmin, University of Central Florida (USA).
Optimal control of PDEs, Differential games, optimal stochastic control, Backward stochastic differential equations, Mathematical finance

YUAN Xiaoming, The University of Hong Kong (China).
Convex programming, first-order methods, variational inequalities, image processing, scientific computing

ZEIDAN Vera, Michigan State University (USA).
Optimal Control with ODE: Discrete, Continuous time and time scales, (First and second order optimality conditions; nonsmooth Analysis, Dynamic Programming)

ZHANG Bingyu, University of Cincinnati (USA).
Control and stabilization of partial differential equations, Nonlinear dispersive wave equations, Non-homogeneous boundary value problems

ZUAZUA Enrique, FAU-Erlangen, Fundación Deusto-Bilbao & UAM-Madrid (Spain).
Partial Differential Equations, Control Theory, Numerical Analysis

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