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Developing an efficient coupled function-based topology optimization code for designing lightweight compliant structures using the BESO algorithm

Mohsen Teimouri and Masoud Asgari
Optimization and Engineering 25 (1) 575 (2024)

The Cut-Cell Method for the Conjugate Heat Transfer Topology Optimization of Turbulent Flows Using the “Think Discrete–Do Continuous” Adjoint

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Robust, strong form mechanics on an adaptive structured grid: efficiently solving variable-geometry near-singular problems with diffuse interfaces

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3D printing assemble technology toward advanced photocatalysis

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Cross-section optimization of vehicle body through multi-objective intelligence adaptive optimization algorithm

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On Topology Optimisation Methods and Additive Manufacture for Satellite Structures: A Review

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Synthesising Computational Design Methods for a Human-Centred Design Framework

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A Comparative Study of the Application of Different Commercial Software for Topology Optimization

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The Application of Generative Algorithms in Human-Centered Product Development

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Multi-material and strength-oriented microstructural topology optimization applied to discrete phase and functionally graded materials

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Variational autoencoder-based topological optimization of an anechoic coating: An efficient- and neural network-based design

Yiping Sun, Zhaoyu Li, Jiadui Chen, Xuefeng Zhao and Meng Tao
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Variational Autoencoder-Based Topological Optimization of an Anechoic Coating: An Efficient- and Neural Network-Based Design

Yiping Sun, Zhaoyu Li, Jiadui Chen, Xuefeng Zhao and Meng Tao
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A parameterized level set method for structural topology optimization based on reaction diffusion equation and fuzzy PID control algorithm

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An evolutionary structural optimization algorithm for the analysis of light automobile parts using a meshless technique

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Design of cellular materials for multiscale topology optimization: application to patient-specific orthopedic devices

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On transmissible load formulations in topology optimization

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Geometric Partial Differential Equations - Part II

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A Gradient-Free Topology Optimization Strategy for Continuum Structures with Design-Dependent Boundary Loads

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Additive manufacturing applications of phase‐field‐based topology optimization using adaptive isogeometric analysis

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Geometrically Nonlinear Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures Based on an Independent Continuous Mapping Method

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Preliminary design of an injection-molded recycled-carbon fiber–reinforced plastic/metal hybrid automotive structure via combined optimization techniques

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Topology Optimization for Incremental Elastoplasticity: A Phase-Field Approach

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Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Atherosclerosis Based on a Novel Surgeon’s View

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Reaction–diffusion equation-based topology optimization code for electromagnetic wave problems using FreeFEM++

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